Rural Development

Rural areas and rural infrastructure are being developed to create not only modern amenities and durable assets but also to generate employment opportunities (person days) for driving the rural economy and checking rural migration. To realize these objectives MGNREGA has been launched and is under implementation for the last 7 to 8 years in the district. The scheme is contributing to the rural economy by generating person days and to rural infrastructure by creating durable assets in the shape of rural connectivity, flood control /protection, water conservation and water harvesting , drought proofing , minor irrigation , land development and renovation of traditional water resources. Now the time has come that we should look beyond construction of lanes and drains. The spading, hoeing and deweeding activities should be replaced and substituted by laying of plinths and foundation. There is dearth of government buildings for schools, Anganwari centres, sheep extension centres, veterinary artificial insemination centres, horticulture cent res, agricultural seed distribution centres, health and family welfare sub centres, handicraft and handloom training centres, social welfare centres, multipurpose community centres, patwar khanas,panchayat ghars etc. To overcome this paucity of rural infrastructure the MGNREGA can be redirected and the objectives can be achieved in convergence with the 14th Finance Commission award and the normal annual allocations of the concerned departments.

Administration Setup:   List of Blocks-Anantnag District

At the District level, following officers are under the administrative control of the directorate of Rural Development, Kashmir.

  1. Assistant Commissioner Development
  2. Assistant Project, Director DRDA
  3. Executive Engineer, REW
  4. District Panchayat Officers

At the Block level, there is a Block Development Officer who is assisted by Block Planning Officer, Junior Engineers and other field functionaries like Panchayat Inspectors, V.L.Ws, Mukhi Savikas, Gram Savikas, and MPWs etc.

  1. Assistant Commissioner Development (ACD)/Project Officer Wage Employment:

    ACD releases the funds to the Block Development Officers for implementation of various works approved under the scheme by the District Development Boards/other competent authorities. Assistant Commissioner Development consolidates the District Plan on the basis of inputs received from the Block Development Officers. The District Plan compiled by him is submitted to the Directorate of Rural Development for technical vetting before it is considered by the District Development Board for approval in its meeting.

  2. Assistant Project Director, (District Rural Development Agency)

    In every district there is a District Rural Development Agency with District Development Commissioner as its Chairman assisted by the Assistant Project Director DRDA who is exercising the over all Administrative and Financial control over the affairs of the Agency as well as the scheme implemented by the Block Development Officers.

  3. Rural Engineering Wing

    In every district, there is a Rural Engineering Wing headed by the Executive Engineer who looks after the technical aspects of the execution of works. The Assistant Executive Engineers and Assistant Engineers posted in the district work under his control. He accords technical sanctions of the works and also accords test checks of works to ensure quality of works in the District. He is assisted by Junior Engineers and Work Supervisors at the Block/Panchayat level.

  4. District Panchayat Officer

    At the district level, the matters related to the Panchayats and Panchayat Property/assets are attended to by the District Panchayat Officer. He is assisted by Plantation watcher and Plantation supervisor besides Panchayat Auditor posted in the District. The District Panchayat Officer is also the estates officer of the Department and is implementing and supervising the rural sanitation programme in the district. At the Block Level, such matters are supervised by the Panchayat Inspector and at the Panchayat Level there is a Secretary Panchayat (VLW, Gram Sevika, and MPW).The property of the Panchayats viz. Plantation Nurseries, Panchayat Ghars and other Panchayat Assets are supervised by the Plantation Supervisor/Plantation Watcher and Plantation Helpers.
    Total Sanitation Campaign (TSC), implemented by the BDOs at Block level is also being monitored by the District Panchayat Officers. The scheme is being implemented by Director, Rural Sanitation.
    The District Panchayat Officer is the designated authority for implementation of various provisions of the Jammu and Kashmir Panchayati Raj Act.

  5. Block level Administrative set up

    At the Block Level, the Block Development Officers is responsible for formulation and implementation of Action Plans under various schemes through the field staff, which comprises of:

    • Panchayat Inspector
    • Junior Engineers
    • Village Level Workers(VLWs)
    • Mukhi Savikas/Gram Savikas.
    • Multi Purpose Workers(MPWs)
    • Plantation Supervisors/Watchers.
    • Chowkidars.

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