Animal Husbandry

“Livestock & Veterinary
May the sheep in our fields
Bear young by the tens of thousands.
May our cattle reproduce plentifully
Without miscarriage or loss.”

Livestock and sheep rearing had been the honorable occupation of the noblest of the nobles and were the main and valuable possession and mark of distinction. Cattle have been used everywhere as a source of milk, butter, cheese and meat. Cattle have for thousands of years, been humanity’s most valuable animals. It comes from the Latin word “capital” which means ‘wealth’ or ‘property’. The word ‘cattle’ is used now only for certain bovines, the animal group that includes oxen, bison, and buffalo. Cattle have served many purposes to human being over the years. Cattle are ruminants.
Sheep are raised all over the world and are very useful animals. Their thick, soft fleece, or wool, is used for making clothes and blankets. Some sheep are raised for their meat. In many country’s people drink sheep’s milk which is also used for making cheese.
Valley Kashmir has been witness to great herds and flocks. Not only the locals but the nomadic, gujjars and bakerwals moved and roamed joyfully and merrily with their herds and flocks. As this sector is the source of milk, milk products, red meat, white meat, eggs, fiber, manure etc. The sector is being arranged, managed and improved on modern scientific and systematic lines.
The departments should come up with detailed project reports for establishment of milk and sheep villages. The departments should take it upon themselves to create required infrastructure and provide necessary wherewithal and marketing facilities in the and to the notified villages. When drops of water remain scattered the sun evaporates them but when they are collected become mountain dew. Likewise, the existence and rearing of bovines and ewes here and there will not make much difference. We have to go for establishment of model villages to reap the blessings of these prophetic occupations.
This chapter presents data on Livestock, poultry and sheep population besides artificial insemination and treatment network along with associated manpower.

Species  No.
Cattles  210958
Buffalos  4615
Poultry  388298