Anantnag Tourist Places

Important Health Resorts of the District

1. Pahalgam:-
Pahalgam is one of the famous health resorts of Jammu and Kashmir State. It is situated in the north east of District Anantnag among lofty hills covered with evergreen forests. Its cool invigorating and pleasant climate, the melodious flow of Lidder Nallah attract tourists not only from within the country but also from abroad as well. It is also an important transit camp on the way to holy Amar Nath Ji Cave, which is 72 Kms away from the District Head-Quarter.
2. Kokernag:-
This health resort lies in the South East of the District at a distance of 25 Kms. A famous spring called “Kokernag” gushes out from the foot of the nearby hill covered with evergreen pine trees. A terraced garden and a Botanical garden with delicately maintained flower beds of different varieties and hues covered and protected with beautifully pruned evergreen shrubs and the existence of lofty and majestic chinars is an enchanting sight to be imbibed. The music of the health giving, refreshing and appetizing running waters of the stream have left little chances of not to be enchanted and mesmerized by this heavenly touch. This beautiful garden has been developed during the rule of Bakhshi Ghulam Mohammad. Keeping this attraction and irresistible appeal of this tourist spot in view, Tourism infrastructure is also being developed through Tourist Development Corporation by way of construction of rest houses, tourist huts and expansion of other facilities. While enjoying the rejuvenating and invigorating feast of this destination one cannot miss to notice the Asia’s biggest trout rearing farm situated on the western side of this garden.
3. Achabal:-
Perhaps the most beautiful of all the springs is Achabal which gushes out of the Sonsanwar Hill and was at once enlisted by the Emperor Jehangir in the service of beauty and pleasure. It is said that the Brengi Nallah which disappears at Dewalgam in the fissures of limestone is the real source of the Achabal Spring. The water of this spring which flows through this garden in three channels, is beautifying and ornamenting this terraced garden beyond imagination. The fountains that have been laid through the water channels add to the charm of this Mughal garden. The health resort of Achabal lies in the south east of the District at a distance of 09 Kms from the district headquarter.
4. Verinag:-
Verinag on the road to Jammu is another spring of great importance and beauty with deep blue water which also issues from the bottom of high scarp of a mountain spur and here again Jehangir built a pleasure garden and a summer house. An octagonal pavement has been raised around the spring by the Emperor Jehangir. The Emperor was infatuated with the beauty of Verignag to the extent that while breathing his last at Chengas village near Rajouri he wished to be buried at Verinag. And after the completion of the construction design of the spring and the nearby garden he has written that the traveler who has travelled through the earth can hardly give any example of another place of such a beauty. This tourist resort is in Tehsil Shahabad Bala and is about 26 Kms away from Anantnag Town. A tourist bungalow, a rest house and some huts have been constructed at this place.

5. Daksum:
This health resort is situated in the south east of Anantnag town at a distance of about 40 Kms from it .This place is falling in the lap of a thick evergreen forest and has a pleasant and pleasing climate. A Sheep Breeding Farm is also situated at this place.`

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