Permanent Resident Certificate


Eligibility :-
Any person who is or is deemed to be the citizen of India under provisions of constitution of India shall be permanent resident of State if on the 14th day of May 1954,

  1. He was a state subject of class I or class II
  2. Having lawfully acquired immovable property in the State, he has been ordinarily resident in the State for not less than ten years prior to the date.
  3. Any person who before 14th day of May, 1954 was a state subject of class I or class II having migrated after 1st day of March, 1947 to the territory, now included in Pakistan returns to state for resettlement in the state or for permanent return under the authority of any law by this State legislature shall on such return be given PRC.

State Subject of Class I or II shall have the meaning assigned in the State Notification No.L/84 dated.20-4-1927 read with State Notification No.13/L dated.27th June 1932.
Requirements :

  1. Revenue extracts of
    • Record of Rights ( Misli Hiqiyat)
    • Details of Pedegree table ( Shajra Nasb)
    • Khaka Dasti of the House
    • PRC of Father/Brother with relationship certificate.
    • Extract of Choola Bandi
  2. Certificate of being un-married for ladies who are not married.
  3. Copy of Electoral Roll.
  4. Statements of Applicant/Father & two witnesses preferably Numbardar/Chowkidar has to be recorded by verifying officers in the Teshils.

More About PRC and PRC obtaining procedure(pdf size94.1kb)

Sample proforma for PRC Certificate And Application(pdf size 24.8kb)

PRC Act and Rules(pdf size 40.1kb)