Centralized Personnel information System

     Centralized Personnel Information System (PIS) is a project taken up by Government of Jammu & Kashmir for creation of database of Government Employees with necessary technical support by National Informatics Centre.

            The scope of the project is to capture employee profiles as well as office profiles in the CPIS database of all the departments, spread over in the entire state of Jammu & Kashmir. It also envisages to keep uptodate information of employees, when they are promoted, transferred or retired etc. It also aims to assign a unique Employee Identification Number  to all the employees for future references. Further this CPIS database can be used for electronic service book and GPF

             The implementation of CPIS  is a Flagship E-Governance Application of the Govt of Jammu & Kashmir. It gives a thought provoking ideas to everybody, how to manage personnel information systems in the organization. It is able to give clear cut information about an institution or of an office, how many posts are created and how many staff is deployed.  In short, it can give information about the excess or shortage of manpower in a particular office in a click of the mouse. The system automates the existing system to the best of its utility and reduces time consuming process of compiling information, data etc which are required very often the manual to a maximum degree. It also minimizes the errors out of labour intensive and time-consuming processes.

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